Super Slalom Indoor

Super Slalom Indoor 2022

Take up the challenge again 🏆

This season again, challenge yourself to the famous yellow and black poles projected on the endless track. The goal: to last as long as possible in the (new) track.

How does it work?

At the end of your training session at the Ski Indoor 4 810 complex, challenge the Super Slalom indoor and try to collect as many points as possible. The final scores are established with several indicators: the number of turns made, the time held in the slalom and the position on the mat. A general ranking for the season will be available online here.

A 100% winning game!

There’s more than just the jackpot to be won! The important thing is to participate, so don’t forget: the longer you ski, the more you win a SUPER prize!

You participate: 1 Super Slalom sticker
22,000 points: 1 Super Slalom grey edition T-shirt
25,000 points: 1 Super Slalom hat
30,000 points: 1 Super Slalom cap
Record: 1 place for the Super Slalom 2021

⏱ until 5 March 2022

📍 Ski Indoor Complex 4810 in Passy

⛷ accessible only to Ski Indoor 4810 customers with at least 30 minutes experience on an indoor slope